Three days of WelcomeCulture!

Refugee Meetup Berlin!

We invite to the 10th issue of Refugee Meetup. The idea for making a Refugee Meetup was from Karin and Dagmer. To invite refugees, organizations and NGOs together and have a bit conversation.

The Refugee Meetup is every second Thursday of the month. On 7 O’clock pm, Gubener Strasse 47, 10432 Berlin.

Warmup & Barcamp

Omas Café: Cool location for our warmup

Because no one is thrown into the cold water at the WelcomeCamp, We also organised a WarmUp for our camp participants this year. In a relaxed atmosphere at Omas Café, last questions about the camp can be clarified and session ideas discussed.

Afterwards, we will end the evening with music and cold drinks by Solimate and BRLO Craft Beer, which can be purchased at the bar on a donation basis.

And to ensure a good mood at the first learning nothing stands in the way. We of course also thought of the culinary food. The Kamann Rossi agency invite all of us to an Arabic buffet this evening. The food of fugitives and the OMA gGmbH are fueled.

WarmUp program

  • 18.30 Inlet & buffet
  • 7 pm Welcome / Presentation
  • 8.00 Barcamp
  • 8.30 Helper lettering
  • 9.00 Networking / Music

Address and Timing

At 6 O’clock in OMAs Café
Holzmarktstraße 19 – 23, 10243 Berlin

Welcome culture on an equal footing in the here and now.

Almost one year has passed and the WelcomeCamp 2016 has resulted in stunning projects, new friendships, established network events and further discussions on the welcome culture. The priorities have shifted: the social life, the everyday life, the search for training opportunities, jobs and housing have to be mastered. „Where are we now?“ The WelcomeCamp 2017 on 15th of july 2017 is intended to provide the opportunity for all participants, refugees and inhabitants, to discuss existing questions and perhaps even find answers for all of us.

You are able:

to be an entrepreneur and you are actively involved in encouraging welcome culture and would like to share your experiences? You are a volunteer and you need assistance with applications for funding? Your project is new and you want to make it known or you want actively work on projects for supporting refugees and are looking for the right project?

We are looking forward to your knowledge exchange and your experiences! You are the WelcomeCamp 2017!

Fotos: Andi Weiland, Dominik Butzmann, Henry Schröder

The last Tickets

The WelcomeCamp on the 15th of July 2017.